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Materials & Care

All of our products are made with natural materials, such as cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather. Similar to a human being, your product will age and some wrinkles will appear. However, that is rather the most charmful part of our natural products.
We respect nature and highly care about the materials we use as we have responsibility our products not to impact on our earth, and nothing leave behind us in the future.



The canvas we use with our products is made with #6 waxed cotton. It is not greasy, nor does it contain any odors like others. We carefully selected a high quality waxed canvas, produced by a heritage weaving factory in the west of Japan, giving maximum strength and durability in our products, while also looking better over time. The waxed canvas can be re-waxed by the owner. We recommend using "LO WAX" to apply into the canvas.



Our full grain vegetable tanned leather is tanned and hand-finished by Tochigi Leather, one of Japan's foremost tanneries. They specialize in pit tanning since 1937, producing 160 pits of high quality tannin made from Brazilian mimosa trees. Our leather products develop rich and distinctive patina with age, a completely unique character and a benefit from natural products.



To maintain our product as it ages, we recommend following these simple steps, daily.

- Brush dust off with soft bristle almost everyday.

- Hang the bag when it is not in use, instead of putting it on the floor.

- We recommend using our "LO WAX"

- Do not store the bag in a closet for a long period of time. Use it frequently to maintain its natural look and shape.



We guarantee lifetime repairs for Southern Field Industries bags and wallets. If you have any questions about our repair services, please contact us at