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Repair: 2018 Backpack

This Backpack was back to our studio for repairing because of one of the strap base broken.

Model: 2018 Backpack
Color: Black & Tan
Owner: Sawada san

"This backpack is always with me or my husband everytime we go out, since I ordered this backpack when I had our first baby. We packed many kids stuff in this backpack. We love to use it everyday, I carried sometime and my husband other time, or hang on my stroller. Nowadays, my backpack became it's not big enough since my second baby born but it's still very essential for us. Because my husband carrying it to go work and also for weekend leisures."


We worked at replacing to the new details and parts for the old shoulder strap assembles and also repaired other damages that needed.
We hope this backpack will be loved again for many years to come by the owner who lives in Hokkaido.
Thank you so much for this opportunity, Sawada san!