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A beautiful patina with the Straw Hat

Our Straw Hat was designed in collaboration with our friend and designer, Kuroiwa san.
The initial design had a slightly feminine look, but we’ve refined the crown shape to make it more unisex.
We've also added a removable chin strap to make it more convenient.
Crafted from high-quality natural straw and sewn with precision, the hat is both durable and breathable. It protects your head from the intense summer sun beam and humidity.

In the photos below, you can see a comparison between a five-year-old straw hat and a brand-new one.
The new hat on the left is still white and crisp, with the scent of fresh straw. The hat on the right shows the beautiful patina that comes with high-quality materials over time. Even after five years, it remains sturdy and has developed a rich amber color. The hat feels soft to the touch, promising a comfortable fit.

Left: Brand new hat, Right: 5 year worn hat

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