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Temporally Disable International Shipping.


Thank you for staying connected with us through online.
We truly appreciate your supportive and each orders we receive.

We've just learned that our shipping company(EMS) decided to stop the shipments to some of the countries/territories. And all shipments from Japan has been delaying tremendously because of the global reduction of flights due to Covid-19.

It’s very difficult to estimate delivery date even if the order could be processed. We will fix for the orders we already received and will find other shippers asap.

In the mean time, we are temporally closing for the international shipping until re-opening our worldwide shipping any time soon.

In this strange situation, it's very important for a small businesses like us to stay in business and keep delivering the orders.
We still open and dispatch all orders in Japan. 
For all the customers in Japan, we are offering 20% off selected items online.
We also plans another sale campaign for our international customers.

Stay safe and healthy.