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How to reproof SFI's waxed canvas.

Well worn your SFI's waxed canvas products? If you feel the effect of water repellent on your bag becomes low level, or the shape of your bag looks worn down.
It might be a right time to reproof our waxed canvas if needed. Here is a quick instruction how to use the Lo Wax for our waxed canvas.

1) Before start waxing, brush off and remove any dirt away on canvas.

2) Rubbing onto canvas to apply wax evenly with overlapping strokes. 

3) Use hair dryer and blow heat on trace of wax until it completely melt into canvas.





1) 蝋引き加工をする前に、バッグについた埃やゴミを取り除きます。

2) 帆布生地の表面に、できるだけ均一になるようローワックスを何度も擦り付けて塗布します。

3) ヘアドライヤーを使って、熱風を当てます。帆布生地にローワックスが浸透していきます。