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Southern Field Industries is situated amidst hills in the Saitama region of Japan, where in a small workplace we produce handmade canvas products.
Our staff consists mainly of my wife and myself, both thoroughly dedicated to producing handcrafted products with ultimate care, taking time to give generous attention to minute detailing.
We pride ourselves in producing only what we can reassure our clients as the best possible products from experience and skill, and we are serious about our quality.

Leading up to 2008 when we started Southern Field Industries, I worked at my father’s factory producing equestrian products for the racehorse industry. I learned of the joy in creating good quality products, a result of hard work and expertise craftsmanship.

We are confident that our products will satisfy the most demanding clients as they are produced with high quality standards in mind, and therefore our goal is to have as many people know about our products and cherish our products.
Last but not least, we intend to continue to pursue our high level of quality, without compromise.


Manabu and Keiko


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岡田 学・恵子